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The best return-on-investment for your development dollars

  • Promoted to a new level of leadership and feel overwhelmed and uncertain about the challenges you face?
  • About to be promoted, take on a new role, or start a leadership role in a new organization and want to make sure you are prepared?
  • Your leadership style no longer seems to be working?
  • Your career seems to have hit a plateau or worse is derailing and you aren’t sure why?

A Harvard study showed up to 40% of newly hired executives are replaced in the first 18 months.

Another study showed executives and upper level executives had improved working relationships with direct reports, supervisors and peers, generating a return on investment of over 100%.

Coaching’s ROI is clear, whether you are a corporate client seeking a coach for key staff or a private client investing in your own professional development:

  • Numerous studies strongly support that coaching as a key driver of development and improved management performance.
  • Executives rank coaching above all other leadership development programs.
  • Research has documented improvements in executive performance in areas such as productivity, retention and improved team performance, which affect the entire organization.
  • Executive coaching helps improve management capabilities in experimenting with new approaches, shifting to an enabling style of managing, successfully dealing with difficult performance and team issues, and freeing up time for strategic thinking and more effective delegating.

The critical variable in business success is to identify and develop your leadership along with your strategy. We help leaders strengthen the critical skills necessary to deliver more effectively in ever more turbulent business environments.

Experience coaching for yourself. Contact us for more information and the free 45-minute coaching session available to both corporate and private clients. The only question is, how far do you want to grow? We offer:

Executive Coaching Think, communicate, and behave like a leader.

Career Coaching Envision the future and how to get there.

Leadership Coaching Accelerate business, managerial and leadership skills for high potential or newly promoted leaders.

On-Boarding Integrate smoothly into the business, its culture and the rest of the executive team.

Performance Coaching Restore at-risk or plateaued executives to full productivity.

Mentor Coaching Transform ideas from workshops to behavior in the workplace.


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