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Elaine CrowleyElaine Crowley, M.Ed., C.B.A., founded The Crowley Group in 1999, after 25 years enhancing leadership and organizational effectiveness as a member of 3 executive teams in global biotech and high-tech companies. Her experience uniquely combines HR and Organizational Development, a pairing that powerfully serves her clients both strategically and tactically.

Most recently, Ms. Crowley served for 4 years as part-time consulting VP, Organizational Development for a Massachusetts-based, virtual oncology drug development start-up with 5 offices spanning the US. She partnered with the CEO and executive team to build a strong collaborative culture across geographic boundaries, designed and implemented talent management strategies and programs, and evaluated all prospective employees for fit as well as skills.

Prior roles focused on staffing, employee communication, team building, and professional development programs to strengthen the corporate culture and fulfill strategic objectives in high-change environments:

  • SVP, Human Resources for Dyax Corporation
  • VP, Human Development at SilverPlatter Information
  • Director, HR at Integrated Genetics
  • HR Director for R&D and Human Resource Planning at Wang Laboratories.

Ms. Crowley has served on several M&A teams and created 3 in-house universities linking leadership skills to the organizational values of each corporate culture.

Committed to lifelong learning, Ms. Crowley holds a Masters Degree in Psychology, a BA with honors in English, a Certificate in Organizational Development from Columbia University and two coaching certifications. She is also a Certified Behavioral Analyst. An invited sspeaker at several international conferences, she has published over twenty articles on leadership, management and organizational culture. She has served on the Boards of several professional associations and, currently, the New England Society of Applied Psychology.





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