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Elaine was wonderful about sharing her insight, tools, approaches and frameworks. These helped me change both how I approached teamwork and how I perceived my role as a project manager.  I can’t thank her enough for the impact she had on my personal fulfillment at work and making my teams more successful.    — E. Walsh, Ph.D., Program Manager, Pharmaceutical Company


I have used Elaine for years as a career coach.  This support has clearly been invaluable to my career throughout the whole time.  It has been especially important for times when I was encountering those difficult work situations and needed advice as to how to sort out the problems and respond appropriately to others.   — Mary Nicholson, Senior Director, BioServices  


Elaine was a tremendous resource providing considerable insight into a culture with which I was unfamiliar, and valuable advice as I was pursuing options, interviewing, negotiating terms, and preparing for those critical first months in the new job.  She has the ability to quickly assess a situation, and offer effective guidance in a direct, yet kind, way.  I have recommended her to many others, and will continue to engage her as needed in the future.
— L. Orlando, Ph.D., Associate Director, Multinational Research Funding Organization


Elaine has been an asset in moving our business forward quickly and effectively from start-up through completion of Phase 2 trials. She rapidly assessed situations, offered innovative policies supported by total compensation and professional development solutions that strengthened our culture. Her broad industry experience and ability to analyze behavior kept us out of potholes and smoothed our path considerably. Over the past 15 years, my teams at 3 other biopharm companies have benefitted from Elaine’s coaching and counsel on HR, leadership and organizational development issues and I look forward to doing so again.    — Joanna Horobin, MD, CEO, Drug Development Company


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