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If they’re “soft skills,” why are they so hard to develop? Training alone won’t change behavior.

New behavior =
(Knowledge + Skill) x (Practice + Feedback)

It’s been estimated that up to 85% of training budgets go to waste because people don’t remember – or use – what they heard. Your business and the individual benefit when there are sustained changes in behavior.

By partnering with you, our Learning Laboratories are:

  • Relevant - Assess needs and then define goals and examples, we customize each program to your organization.
  • Practical – Participants work on real business issues, developing solutions they can apply today and tomorrow. Diagnostic tools build buy-in to personal development goals.
  • Interactive – Adults learn by doing, especially when building new behaviors.
  • Modular – Accommodates your other business priorities and makes professional development a process, rather than an event.
  • Credible – Experienced facilitators are familiar with your challenges, business and industry.
  • Cost-effective – Phone-based follow-up Mentor Coaching fosters actually using new skills.


The Crowley Group customizes Learning Laboratories for such “soft skills” as:

  • Communication – listening, presence, presentation
  • Leadership – influencing, negotiation, strategic thinking
  • Managing Performance – set goals, evaluate performance, give feedback, The Coaching Clinic©
  • Team Excellence – core skills, conflict management, collaboration, leading virtual teams

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